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It’s a muscle I need to learn how to exercise’: Adele hints at future collaborations

Adele says collaborating with other artists is “definitely a muscle I need to learn how to exercise”.

The 33-year-old Grammy-winner has duetted with country superstar Chris Stapleton on a version of her latest hit single, ‘Easy On Me’, which is released on her comeback album, ’30’, on Friday (19.11.21), and she is now open to working with more artists.

“I respect and love so many artists that I’ve come up with.

“We’re all similar ages, and I also think that we are the last bulk of artists that will be able to do what we did, how we did it, because people consume music so differently now, you know?”

The ‘Hello hitmaker also responded to those who have said she should “shake up” her sound on the internet – and insisted she will never change.

She said: “When the ‘Easy On Me’ snippet came out, I go online for, like, five seconds just to make sure the label have put it out properly and I see these comments … Not many, and it’s normally huge fans of other artists, saying: ?’Oh, when is she gonna shake up her sound?’ Why would I shake up my sound? No one else is doing my sound, so why would I change it up?

“But I think what’s happened is [since] I got signed, up until my last album came out [ ’25’ in 2015], the way the industry has completely changed.

“There was still a record industry.

“There were still record companies, there were still A&Rs when I last released an album. What I do, and what I was doing, it was encouraged. There was a safety around it.

“I think, now, there’s, like, 300,000 songs released a week! Everyone’s worried that time’s going to run out.

“Their team is encouraging them to do everything now, now, now, just to make a mark.

“I’ve never been told to do that by anyone, I certainly wouldn’t do it if I was told to.”

The ‘Hometown Glory’ star also insisted her experience in the music industry has been plain sailing, but she acknowledges that’s “rare” for women in the entertainment business.

Adele added: “That’s just not the way that artists I like move.

“I do feel incredibly lucky that I’ve only ever had a good experience in the music industry. I know that’s rare, especially for women.