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Our Top Tips for Safe Sleep

You’ve probably heard a lot about safe sleep, but how vigilant should you be? Where is OK for your baby to sleep? Which products are safe? More importantly, which ones have been recalled or are present suffocation risks? First, a little tough love about safety. Even when you’re desperate, choose safe sleep settings. We know, […]


How ‘scatterfocus’ can improve focus and attention span

Congratulations! You have read two sentences of this article without getting distracted. And now three. And now four. And now five. And now, according to a study in The Journal of Science and Healing, your mind is ready to find something pleasurable, threatening, and novel to focus on right about now. It’s not your fault. […]


Students weighed down by heavy backpacks, ‘text neck’

Students’ heavy backpacks are a perennial problem, but the strain on children’s bodies has worsened in recent years, thanks to bad posture from texting and playing video games, according to health experts. “It’s a trifecta,” said Don Clum, a Seattle chiropractor who also offers lifestyle and health consulting online. “It’s getting worse because of those […]


Mothers’ own health influences obesity in children, study confirms

By Nicole VillalpandoAustin American-Statesman Tues., Sept. 11, 2018 Moms, when it comes to your child’s weight, you matter. A new study in the British Medical Journal confirms this. The study looked at more than 24,000 children of more than 16,000 nurses enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study II in the 1990s. The researchers specifically looked […]


Treating a cellphone addiction: Can we crowdsource more solutions?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article in the Toronto Star on reducing cellphone addiction. I shared how I was addicted to this tiny little rectangle glued to my leg and a few ways I’m combating the disease. Well, that article ended up getting more responses than any article I have written for The […]


Grounding — walking on grass barefoot — has health benefits, research says

By Carrie DennettThe Washington Post Mon., July 16, 2018 It is no secret that spending time in nature is good for you. For years, researchers have been detailing how people who live near green spaces — parks, greenbelts, tree-lined streets, rural landscapes — have better physical and mental health, and practices such as Japanese forest […]


David Sedaris, Carrie Fisher among summer’s stimulating beach reads

By Neil Pasricha Special to the Star Mon., July 9, 2018 Does your brain turn off in the summer? Mine doesn’t. Yours doesn’t. Everybody’s doesn’t. Behold the Dreamers, by Imbolo Mbue, Random House, 400 pages, $37.  (Random House) The late actress Carrie Fisher published a riveting memoir called Wishful Drinking.  (Chris Pizzello / Associated Press file photo) […]


Swimming pools, hot tubs more likely than lakes to make you sick: Studies

Taking a cool, refreshing dip in a lake or swimming pool is one of summer’s enjoyments and sometimes a necessary escape from the stifling heat. But two recent federal health studies found that some waters are better than others, at least when it comes to avoiding water-borne illnesses. Of 633 outbreaks nationwide caused by bacteria, […]


1,000s of Canadian breast cancer patients will reap reward of no-chemo study: experts

When Lisa Freedman was diagnosed with breast cancer, a genetic test of her tumour suggested chemotherapy would have no effect on the risk of recurrence, allowing her to safely skip the treatment and its dreaded side-effects. “When the test came back, it showed that I would have a 13 per cent chance of recurrence if […]


The unknown, debilitating stroke side effect many doctors don’t recognize

By Dr. Chris BouliasSpecial to the Star Mon., June 25, 2018 Imagine your fist is tightly closed and you can’t open it. You can’t release it to open a jar, let alone pick up a pencil. Now imagine living with this condition for months or even years. This is spasticity. Spasticity is a tightening of […]