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Our Top Tips for Safe Sleep

You’ve probably heard a lot about safe sleep, but how vigilant should you be?

Where is OK for your baby to sleep?

Which products are safe?

More importantly, which ones have been recalled or are present suffocation risks?

First, a little tough love about safety. Even when you’re desperate, choose safe sleep settings.

We know, when your baby isn’t sleeping, it’s really hard to stick to safe sleep practices. It’s hard just making it through the day, never mind in the middle of the night.

It might be tempting to let your baby doze off in a swing, infant pillow, or inclined sleeper, but they’re not safe for newborn sleep. Especially the Rock n’ Play and DocATot. A lot of parents love the DocATot and it seems like a great solution when you’re baby’s tiny and swaddled, but beyond 8 weeks, they want to move. By 12-16 weeks, they’ll want to roll. The DocATot isn’t safe, period. Trust me and Consumer Reports on this and don’t use it for sleep.

To play it safe, it’s best to put your baby down to sleep exclusively in cribs, bassinets, and play yards that meet the latest safety standards. For the nursery, we recommend:nanit plus

Nest cameras were great until Nanit Plus, but now that we know how smart a baby monitor can be, we’re sold! (Miku is a close second, but our team doesn’t have enough first-hand experience to give it our seal).

Of all the cribs options, our favorite is the Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Convertible. Least favorite? Without question, Stokke cribs. Yes, the design is cool and different, but the whole team agrees – all the thumbs down!


For the best value crib, we love Ikea’s SUNDVIK. It’s got everything you need for safe sleep, and the design is reliably Scandanavian simple.


For your mini travelers (or for the dump and run with grandparents!) check out the Guava Lotus travel crib. The mattress is comfier than most, it’s easy to open and close, and because it’s lower to the ground, you’ll get a few more months of safe sleep in there!

If your baby hates the crib, or you’re so exhausted that safety is slipping, reach out to tell us what’s happening, and you’ll get an invitation to schedule a complimentary call.