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When You’re Sleep Deprived Mama, Remember This

When You’re Sleep Deprived Mama, Remember This MOTHERHOOD   Your baby won’t sleep through the night. It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. But it won’t last forever. Here’s what you need to remember, even when you’re totally sleep deprived. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess the problem was, I never really DID think about […]

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It’s a muscle I need to learn how to exercise’: Adele hints at future collaborations

Adele says collaborating with other artists is “definitely a muscle I need to learn how to exercise”. The 33-year-old Grammy-winner has duetted with country superstar Chris Stapleton on a version of her latest hit single, ‘Easy On Me’, which is released on her comeback album, ’30’, on Friday (19.11.21), and she is now open to […]

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Blur’s Dave Rowntree signs solo record deal for debut album

Blur’s Dave Rowntree has signed to an indie label for his debut album. The ‘Parklife’ group’s drummer has inked a deal with Cooking Vinyl for his first solo record, which is due out in 2022. The 57-year-old musician-and-composer said in a statement: “As a kid I used to spend hours spinning the dial on my […]

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Our Top Tips for Safe Sleep

You’ve probably heard a lot about safe sleep, but how vigilant should you be? Where is OK for your baby to sleep? Which products are safe? More importantly, which ones have been recalled or are present suffocation risks? First, a little tough love about safety. Even when you’re desperate, choose safe sleep settings. We know, […]


How ‘scatterfocus’ can improve focus and attention span

Congratulations! You have read two sentences of this article without getting distracted. And now three. And now four. And now five. And now, according to a study in The Journal of Science and Healing, your mind is ready to find something pleasurable, threatening, and novel to focus on right about now. It’s not your fault. […]


FIFA to upgrade flights and prize money for Women’s World Cup

By Graham DunbarThe Associated Press Thu., Sept. 20, 2018 LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND—In a concession to women’s soccer, FIFA will start funding business-class flights for some of the Women’s World Cup teams travelling to France for next year’s tournament. Total prize money will also “significantly increase” from the $15 million shared among 24 teams at the 2015 […]

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Freddie Highmore calls The Good Doctor a hopeful remedy for dark times

BURNABY, B.C.—The hero of The Good Doctor, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, represents the show’s title in more ways than one. Dr. Shaun Murphy is exceptionally skilled at curing patients, but he’s also morally good, able to see the light in others even if he can’t always connect. The Good Doctor is […]


Students weighed down by heavy backpacks, ‘text neck’

Students’ heavy backpacks are a perennial problem, but the strain on children’s bodies has worsened in recent years, thanks to bad posture from texting and playing video games, according to health experts. “It’s a trifecta,” said Don Clum, a Seattle chiropractor who also offers lifestyle and health consulting online. “It’s getting worse because of those […]